Suicide Island
Suicide Island
Chapter 1
Airdate Unknown
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Suicide Island is the first chapter of the same-titled manga Suicide Island.

Synopsis Edit

The government is no longer willing to support the increasing number of suicidal people and decided to banish them on an island - the Suicide Island. The story starts off when Sei, a young teenager, ends up sent to the Island after another attempted suicide through drug-overdose along with other suicidees. They try to figure out what is going on, how this island is shaped and even begin to simply plan their lives there.

Plot Edit

After overdosing and cutting his left wrist, already his second suicide attempt, the 20-year-old Sei finds himself in a hospital. After regaining consciousness, a doctor tells him that "everyone is naturally ensured the right to life, but at the same time we also have a responsibility to live" and "those who do not carry out their responsibility lose their right." He's meant to choose whether he wants to live or to die from this moment on and Sei still decides his life to end; he has to sign a document and then falls to sleep.